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Mike Fridgen leaves GM job at eBay, joins ‘startup studio’ Madrona Venture Labs as CEO

Seattle’s, Madrona Venture Labs, has a new CEO.  Mike Fridgen left his general manager position at eBay, to lead the way for the startup studio. The firm also plans to increase the size of its team and will be hiring developers, designers and product managers. We’re looking forward to seeing what products and companies Madrona and the new team comes up with.

To read more, check out John Cook’s coverage over at Geekwire.

New ebook, Anatomy of Startup Studios is out!

Boy, were we excited to see that expert Attila Szigeti had published a new ebook, Anatomy of Startup Studios – A behind the scenes look at how successful venture builders operate. We’ve been following his work for some time. If anyone is qualified to write a book on this topic, Attila’s your man. If you’re interested in the Startup Studio business model, at $3 you can’t afford to miss this download.

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Harvard Is Taking on NYC with Its Upcoming HBS Startup Studio

Harvard Business School plans to enter the Startup Studio game. Beginning this December, select teams of Harvard alumni will call HBS Startup Studio in New York, home. Besides the obvious prestige, perks of membership will include coworking space, mentorship and guidance. Head on over to BostInno to read Olivia Vanni’s full coverage of this story.

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Tampa Bay Tech Origin

Over the past 5 years I’ve seen and been a part of a variety of different startup communities. I also have relationships with many founders from all over the country. I noticed, through living in these cities and speaking with other founders, that there wasn’t a clearly defined medium to learn about the local communities; the members, progress, failures, or efforts. When I moved to Tampa Bay in April 2015, I quickly realized that Tampa Bay, like other communities, didn’t have a community driven effort to unite itself.

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Startup Studios On The Rise

We love seeing coverage of the Startup Studio model. Here is Attila Szigeti’s piece appearing in StartUs Magazine. He has included slides from his “Big Startup Studio Study.” He also thoroughly details some key players and covers the pros and cons of the business model.

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So you’re a Startup Studio… wait, what?

Recently, I was at a wedding and started chatting with someone who turned out to be a developer for a startup in Silicon Valley. He asked me what I did for a living so, I told him that Laicos is a Startup Studio.  He responded, “Wait, did you say Startup Studio? Is that different than a startup?”

I answered, “Basically, yes. We are a startup and we make products like mobile apps and web apps, and then we spin off the best ones into their own companies.”

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My First 30 Days at a Lean Startup

Wow!  I can’t believe it’s only been a month since I joined Laicos as a Jr. Project Manager. My experience has been a real baptism by fire, since the development team has had multiple, ongoing projects. I’ve had to hit the ground running and have been familiarizing myself with all of our clients, products and agile methodologies. Read On –>