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UI/UX Design: Prototyping with Principle

I’ve been dabbling with the idea of using a new prototyping tool for a while now. In the past I’ve used Marvel App which is great because it’s easy to create and share your prototypes. Plus, it’s web based and free. Although Marvel (and InVision etc) offer quick and easy solutions they really represent the early stages of an app. These tools are best used to get something in your hands to understand the flow of your app. They’re great for throwing together quick PSD mockups or even pen and paper sketches.

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My First Year at Laicos

My first year at this hot new startup has blown by. It has been a fun and fast paced ride as we have grown from what we were a year ago into what we are today. I am excited for what we have planned for the future and to be involved in assisting in our rise to world domination success. As you might expect with any job, there are some speed bumps along the way. Of course it was nothing that we couldn’t overcome.

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Updating Our Designs to iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been out for some time now. By now most apps have updated to compensate for the extra screen real estate that new phones offer. If you’re a bit behind, or just curious, we’ll share how we went about updating our designs for our Fuse app. Read On –>

A Quick Look at Logo Design

We had a logo job and thought it would be interesting to share a little of our process through the making of this logo. Regardless of the size of the job, the process and principals are the same. At first glance, this logo may not seem like much work – but there is a lot of thought going into even the smallest details. Read On –>

Macaw vs Adobe Edge Reflow

I’ve been wanting to try out Macaw and Reflow for a while now. As a designer who doesn’t like coding, this is the wizardry I’ve been waiting for! After messing around with both applications the last couple of days, I was able to easily produce legit looking web pages with pretty good looking code. Although the question is – who did it better? Hit the jump for the answer, live demos, and more!

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Front End Conference

This weekend was the annual Front End Conference held in St Pete. Speakers and attendees come from all over the US to attend the conference. The whole two day event is organized and hosted by Dan Denny who comes from Envy Labs in Orlando. Read On –>