“Being free to jump in on the backend with Node.js or Google Go, and also contribute to the front with Angular, Less, Gulp, is engaging & exciting.”


“It’s great working with the whole cross-functional team because it allows me to learn and understand what my other teammates do.”


“I enjoy days where I can just sit with my headphones on and focus on my work the whole day without a bother.”


“I love the energy in our office, and being able to do fun projects with the latest technology. The Tampa Bay tech community is growing, and we’re proud to be a part.”

We are a fun, relaxed, and focused group. Like other companies, we have deadlines to meet and products to ship – you are a voice in how we do that. Laicos is growing quickly in sunny downtown Tampa, and your self-motivated, team-focused approach will fit right in.

Tampa itself is undergoing a billion dollar downtown redevelopment, and the startup scene here is just beginning. You’ll be a part of that story, and our budding craft beer, independent food, and event scene will add to the Tampa experience.

We can’t wait to have you on board.

Open Positions