Hackathon Result: Bus Finder

Check out our Hackathon creation courtesy of a strong team effort and a collaboration of ideas. The challenge was to create something to benefit the community; the theme was transportation. We took first place with BusFinder, born in 30 hours, and allowing users to search bus routes and see where your bus is with REAL-TIME DATA! Exciting, right?

We took Google Maps API and layered it with real-time bus data provided by HART. The current version is a simple beta meant to be a proof of concept. We can only do so much in 2 days! We used AppGyver to craft the experience for Android, iPhone, and web.

Check out out the web version here (still in beta). With the help of HART we would like to push this out to the public.

Kyle is a Seattle born, Tampa-based entrepreneur skilled in directing creative technology projects - with over a decade of experience in online large community work and mobile application and web development. He co-founded ModMyi.com, the largest 3rd party iPhone community on the Internet. A passionate philanthropist and co-founder of Because of Ezra, Kyle is determined to see a cure for neuroblastoma and other solid-mass pediatric cancers.

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