Chris Leyva

UI/UX Designer

I’ve always loved art and technology from a young age. I still remember the splash screen from Photoshop 6.0 from back when I was first introduced. I had quite a lot of fun Photoshopping funny pictures of my brother when I was first getting started and the more I used it the more I loved it. It wasn’t long before I knew this is what I wanted to do for a living.

With a bit of schooling I realized that design was more than just knowing how to use the programs. There are a lot of fundamentals to good design and I believe that it’s this fundamental knowledge that separates the good designers with the bad.

I am continuously learning about new design trends and technology through work and in my spare time. Technology is always evolving and design with it. Although my background focused in all types of media, such as print and motion, my passion has become digital design.

Here at Laicos I am the User Interface and User Experience designer (UI/UX). So I’m the guy that makes sure that everything is easy to use and looks pretty. I always strive to make intuitive and beautiful creations and take pride in paying attention to the details. It’s important when working in digital media that everything looks good down to the very last pixel.

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