Ryan Negri

Founder, CEO

I’m a Wisconsin born tech entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor. I’ve always been passionate about solving problems and giving back to others and to the community. Using my knack for finding solutions to difficult problems and keen interest in technology, I have a unique vision that helps others identify, simplify and solve problems.

I grew up in Northern Wisconsin near a golf course. At 4, I opened up my own golf ball sales company and sold used golf balls to passing golfers. At 14 I purchased by first vehicle and have since owned 33 more! I sold my car at the end of each summer, to buy a truck for each winter. Needless to say, I was groomed into a seasoned salesman by my senior year in HS.

I attended St. Cloud State University from 1999-2003. During my sophomore year,I purchased my first home. I rented the extra rooms to my friends, collecting enough rent to pay for room/board until I graduated. I ended up selling the home 3 years post-graduation – right before the housing market crash.

I founded Negri Electronics in 2006, with two credit cards working from my girlfriend’s (now wife’s) apartment. I grew the company from $0 to $53M in total revenue ($18M in 2013) to exit in 2013 (x-mas eve “Merry Christmas”) without raising outside capital or ever taking on debt. During my time at Negri Electronics I worked in, or managed, every department from Accounting to Warehouse! When you’re a founder, you wear many hats. That extensive experience has helped me learn the correct way to create and scale companies.

I’m excited about growing my second company. My role as CEO of Laicos is to curate an amazing team of talented and thoughtful individuals, community leaders, and brilliant engineers. My other responsibilities include, but are not limited to; Fundraising, Operations, working with Legal, CPA’s & bookkeepers, as well as recruiting advisors, mentors and Board Members.

I’m a husband to the beautiful Amy Negri, and a dad to Mozy and Millie, 2 of the cutest pups you can find on this planet. I’m equally focused in becoming a better man, a better husband and a better dad.

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