Stacey Wolfe

Jr Project Manager

Raised on the Space Coast, I now live in beautiful Tampa, Florida. Here at Laicos, I serve as Jr. Project Manager since I’m great with clients, obsessive about my calendar and keeping projects on track.

Since we’re a small team, I wear many different hats. My duties here include Project Management, Social Media Marketing, Copywriting, SEO, and even building web pages.

I’m also in charge of maintaining our Tampa Bay Tech website.  This includes curating the daily stories from local publications and tech bloggers, blogging about local startups and events, and updating the homepage with fresh content and features each day.

I have always been a tinkerer, I blame my dad, a retired NASA contractor. Growing up, he would often have me assist on random projects around the house…that man can fix and build anything! My first computer was an Apple IIe and I’ve had a love for technology ever since. I enjoy repairing, upgrading and building computers and audio equipment, among other things. I always have a new project and my home office is perpetually covered in electronics and parts.

Currently, I am working my way through Florida International University’s Business Management program and I’m expected to graduate in 2016. In my spare time I am learning to build Android Applications using Java and XML. I also really enjoy building websites, using WordPress as my CMS of choice (HTML). My hobbies include DJing, cycling and training for my next House of Cards marathon.

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