Yeng Yang

CTO / Senior Architect

I was born in Philadelphia, grew up in central Wisconsin, and now reside in Florida. I always had a knack for tinkering with electronic and mechanical things and could always be found trying to reverse engineer them to see how they actually worked. I enjoyed pulling broken things apart, looking for smaller parts and pieces that I can salvage to build something else with. This curiosity of mine drew me towards computing which then gave me the understanding on how software worked. Technology then allowed me to take my ideas and visions, and build whatever I wanted, turning my curiosity into my passion.

One belief I stand strong on is “do what you love, and everything will follow”. I believe that in order to truly succeed in what you are striving for and also be happy, you need passion. This is a principle I continuously embrace within my work ethics, as for if I fail in work, I fail myself. With this always in my mind, I can ensure that my work is of the quality for myself and others.

Other things I enjoy doing is DJ’ing, automotive mechanics, drag racing, automotive drifting, occasional video gaming, barbequing, enjoying a nice glass of Cabernet or Scotch, and spending time with my wife and two daughters.

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  • Hey Guys,

    I am Tin, from Cambodia. It was one evening I have come up with a unified social app similar to FUSE. I googled and found your site, elaborating FUSE concept. I would like to have an opinion from you. Could we discussion together soon?


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