fuse: social


You’re one social person. Use one social app.

Fuse brings together all your favorite social networks in one beautiful place.



Multiple Accounts

We’ve hooked up the top networks with Fuse to meet your social needs. Have multiple accounts? Not a problem – add away. Fuse loves it.



Unified Feed Views

Tabs for each network? That’s now how it should work – Fuse puts all your networks in one unified experience. Its you, social. You’re awesome.



Powerful Sharing

When you’ve got something to share, share it! Fuse lets you choose which accounts you share anything from, each and every time and post.


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Laicos Presents Fuse: Social

Laicos crafts beautiful, useful web and mobile technology solutions with a penchant for elegant design and an attention to our communities’ creative minds. We are digital enthusiasts, and believe simple, tested, effective products enhance our lives.

Our flagship product, Fuse: Social brings together all your social networking in one beautiful, unified experience. Interact with your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn contacts all at the same time.

We’ve been developing for iOS since before the App Store, and have a full suite of mobile solutions. We also develop for Android. Our approach to both web and applications is mobile first, and our connected mobile applications can integrate with your existing web infrastructure. We also build fully customized solutions. Laicos crafts unique web front-ends, and excels in web applications – from sales portals to fundraising platforms.

Laicos puts our best effort into every pixel and every block of code: our work is our reputation, and we build to the highest standards.

We are more than construction workers – we are digital architects. Laicos offers thought leadership on best practices as we build your solutions. Our technology consulting can be as involved as a complete internal overhaul, and as minimal as conversation on current trends.

More about FUSE SOCIAL

Fuse Social: One Social Media App to Keep Track of Twitter, Facebook Instagram, and Linkedin

If you’re like us, you spend an awful lot of time switching back and forth between your cool iphone apps like facebook mobile app, twitter account, instagram app, and linkedin mobile. Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep track of all social media in one place? Meet Fuse: Social, your new all in one social media app.

With Fuse, instead of going to the facebook login home page, then your instagram account, linkedin feed, and finally logging in to check your  twitter feed, you can simply open up Fuse and check all of your social media sites.

If you want to know how to get facebook, instagram photos, linkedin updates, and stay in touch with your twitter followers all in one place, you will understand why Fuse is one of the best iphone apps around.

The development team at Laicos is committed to creating top iphone apps and is continuing to make Fuse the best social media app for tracking social networking sites in the iphone app store.

Fuse is available as a free app store download. It’s free to keep track of all of your Facebook friends and Twitter followers, and you can add as many of these accounts as your heart desires. Best of all, for a one-time 99¢ purchase, you can utilize the app to connect your linkedin accounts. Same goes for adding your instagram profile.

Sure, there are other social media monitoring solutions available to help you keep track of all your social media platforms, like Hoot suite and Tweetdeck, but not everyone wants to pay the higher monthly Hootsuite pricing to keep track of their mobile social network. When comparing Hootsuite vs Fuse, Fuse seems like a much more streamlined experience.

Whether you’re a professional social media manager or just someone that needs a better way to keep track of all of your social media apps, Fuse Social is the solution you’ve been waiting for.  Keeping track of your top social media apps has never been easier.