Recurring Nonprofit Donations with Stripe and Polymer

Outside of being Laicos’ co-founder, I direct a nonprofit, Because of Ezra, which raises awareness and funds toward a cure for neuroblastoma and other types of childhood cancer. Laicos recently built a donation widget for Because of Ezra’s website, using Stripe as the payment processor and including an option to make donations either monthly or one-time.

Oddly, it is difficult to find a “pay once” solution for accepting donations online with the option to commit to a monthly recurrence. Many solutions exist, but charge a monthly fee to the charity, or charge a percentage of every transaction above and beyond the payment processor charge. Instead of that, we took a week to build a custom solution.

We also needed to provide support for the nonprofit’s new Because of _____ program, a peer-to-peer solution which lets families affected by childhood cancer fundraise on the Because of Ezra site in their own childs name. We built a small app on Parse to track different individual pages / campaigns / funds raised, and our donation widget takes a single variable (pageid) to implement the donation form, list of donated funds, or total raised. Click below to see it on Sofia’s page.

We built the solution with Polymer, as it was something we’d been wanting to try and learn about. Now, Because of Ezra has a solution for embedding donation widgets and tracking donation, with easily created campaigns (such as one for a direct mailer, one for their main donation page, and others for individual families fundraising in their children’s names). Stripe subscriptions allow us to create monthly recurrence options on the fly for donators.

Kyle is a Seattle born, Tampa-based entrepreneur skilled in directing creative technology projects - with over a decade of experience in online large community work and mobile application and web development. He co-founded, the largest 3rd party iPhone community on the Internet. A passionate philanthropist and co-founder of Because of Ezra, Kyle is determined to see a cure for neuroblastoma and other solid-mass pediatric cancers.

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