Startup Studio | The Next Big Thing You Missed: Tech Superstars Build ‘Startup Factories’

The startup landscape has been changed by the emergence of a new formula that allows a company to harness its resources (developers, designers, managers, etc) in order to replicate new startups.  As a startup studio ourselves, we here at Laicos feel validated anytime we see media coverage of this methodology.

Issie Lapowsky wrote this great piece on the Startup Studio business model for WIRED magazine. Issie explores a few noteworthy studios and how why it’s a better way of building businesses.

Raised on the Space Coast, I now live in beautiful Tampa, Florida. Here at Laicos, I serve as Jr. Project Manager since I’m great with clients, obsessive about my calendar and keeping projects on track. My past experience is mainly in web, marketing, event management, sales and copywriting. Currently, I am working my way through Florida International University’s Business Management program and I’m expected to graduate in 2016. In my spare time I am learning to build Android Applications using Java and XML. My hobbies include DJ-ing, riding my bike, and training for my next House of Cards marathon.

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