Tampa Bay Tech

Driven by the same goals and mission found within Brad Feld’s Startup Communities,TampaBayTech.org is a community website which provides curated content distilled from local founders and entrepreneurs. It features a directory of Tampa Bay entrepreneurs and companies, a calendar of meetups in the area, and a map displaying local tech companies. This is a true community site filled with valuable resources available to founders and startups and information on how to get involved. The purpose of Tampa Bay Tech is to unite the local tech community and garner the attention it needs so the rest of the community can learn about, support or get involved.

Some of the reasons behind TampaBayTech.org

  • To inform the entire community about technology in TB
  • To unite all of the companies and individuals involved in technology in TB
  • Provide insight into local corporations and the tech companies in their space
  • To curate blogs and articles from local tech leaders in one convenient place
  • To promote local meetups
  • To promote local companies
  • To promote local leadership
  • To give outsiders insight into the rapid growth of Tampa Bay tech companies
  • To give investors a place to learn more about their prospective companies (Due Diligence)
Kyle is a Seattle born, Tampa-based entrepreneur skilled in directing creative technology projects - with over a decade of experience in online large community work and mobile application and web development. He co-founded ModMyi.com, the largest 3rd party iPhone community on the Internet. A passionate philanthropist and co-founder of Because of Ezra, Kyle is determined to see a cure for neuroblastoma and other solid-mass pediatric cancers.

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