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Blockchain Assisted Development As A Service

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Adopt and Embrace Blockchain solutions and explore the endless possibilities to drive growth and maintain operational efficiency.

Whether you’re a startup business or a major corporation, it is high time to harness the power of blockchain technology. In a competitive and fast-paced world, you deserve the best blockchain consulting services. In 2021 and beyond, you have the opportunity to develop, maintain, and assess blockchain and a selective cryptocurrency. It means now you can avail blockchain consulting and development solutions to get long-term professional assistance on your products and services.

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Laicos: When Blockchain Consulting Services Matter

We operate as a premier and exclusive BaaS consulting provider. In fact, you can get a wide range of blockchain technology solutions in a simplified and effective manner. Not to mention our experts are proficient in various disciplines. From kernel optimization to mining operations, you can count on our proactive approach. Laicos also help companies build secure and sophisticated financial frameworks.

Gone are the days of redundant models and unsecure systems that put data at risk. Today, you can opt for comprehensive blockchain consulting and development services to manage software solutions and business applications. Besides, blockchain is still evolving and it’s never too late to dive into the technology to drive exponential growth. Blockchain transition may come across as a big change, but it helps companies realize their full potential.

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Why Opt for Blockchain Consulting Services?

If you want to gain a competitive edge and stand out in the market, you will have to make the most out of blockchain technology. Often, businesses are surprised at the extent of the benefits of opportunities that come with blockchain consulting.

♦ Smart Contracts and Remittances

Insurance companies can utilize blockchain technology to capitalize on efficient payment processing and smart contracts. For instance, insurance firms can automate and streamline payment processes for more transparency and accuracy.

It would also make payments more irrefutable and execute payments only when specific conditions and pre-approved requirements are complete. Furthermore, insurance companies can detect fraud through blockchain easily and reject fraudulent claims without hesitation.

♦ Efficient Data Storage and Smart Systems

One of the hallmark aspects of blockchain technology is efficient access to data storage and smart systems. No more overdependence on one cloud server that just connects with one device. With blockchain technology, you can combine networks with multiple devices.

Think of this interconnectivity as the secret to ensure reliability and avoid the nightmare of impersonation and spoofing. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – businesses can use blockchain-based services to mark individual assets and individuals. For instance, you can opt for encrypted ledgers as the main data storage registries.

♦ Secure Payments and Transactions

It is no secret that it takes time to send, receive, and authenticate funds on a global scale.  Plus, capital markets are more volatile than ever. Through decentralized blockchain payment processors, you can make financial transactions in an instant. No more strings attached to third-party contracts. Instead, you can expect an end-to-end flow of payments through a secure cryptographic network.

♦ Decentralized Grids

Did you know that decentralized blockchain-based energy grids can save excess energy for direct distribution to meet consumer demands? Through cryptographically, your business can roll out secure local community grids and ensure a higher form of transparency via blockchain platforms.

This technology can disconnect from a big electric grid amidst emergencies or harsh weather conditions. You can also use blockchain systems to coordinate the installation of renewable electric processes and automate internal operational functions

♦ Protect Your Content and Intellectual Property

Businesses can utilize blockchain technology to assume complete control of content sharing and monetization. You can even automate payments and create separate licensing. It means you can now use blockchain technology to notarize and patent information to make sure the long-term attribution and source of your intellectual property remain safe.

But whether it’s superior cybersecurity, better KYC processes, low operational costs, or conflict management resolutions, you can ask our experts about blockchain consulting to learn more benefits.

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Our Blockchain Consulting and Development Services

♦ Blockchain Consulting

Right from the start, Laicos understood that blockchain technology has the power to transform many industries. We offer professional blockchain consulting to companies that want to reshape their digital initiatives.

We don’t believe in generalization – our experts take a closer look at each business’ specific needs and how blockchain would bring more value in the short and long run. Our experts consult on a shared ledger, crypto wallets, smart contracts, cryptocurrency apps, blockchain transactions, digital identity, and many other blockchain solutions.

We provide strategic blockchain technology consultation services after thorough analysis to draft core development ideas. You can count on Laicos to evaluate the overall potential of blockchain for your company and how it can boost optimization.

♦ Blockchain Development

We also provide blockchain software development on top of comprehensive blockchain consulting. It involves the development, testing, and as well as deployment of blockchain solutions. Our experts first understand your key business challenges and existing IT infrastructure to devise a unique blockchain development process.

It allows us to focus on specifications that align with your business requirements. For instance, we offer scalable programming of distributed applications that involve custom protocols. You can depend on our experts to help your business adapt and integrate blockchain technology into your existing network.

We also help companies set up secure and private blockchain networks. At its core, private blockchain boils down to the detailed analysis of a firm’s operations. We conduct an extensive review of your functional (and non-functional) needs to deliver the best outcomes.

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Professional Blockchain Consulting: Take Your First Step

When it comes to blockchain technology, we believe in collaborative experience in order to create long-term growth and added business value. We help businesses evaluate their core needs, broaden the scope, and clarify blockchain processes to solve complex issues.

Get in touch with one of our Blockchain specialists and we’ll get back to you in no time. Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us now.

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Other Questions?