Laicos | Laicos Cloud Beta Program
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Laicos Cloud Beta Program

Thank you for your interest in our Beta Program.

Startup & Small Business
Startup & Small Business
Exclusive once in a lifetime pricing and up to a 10-year term on Bare Metal Hardware Leases & Hybrid Cloud.


Seats Open: 2

Enterprise & Fortune 500
Enterprise & Fortune 500
Exclusive below-industry-pricing and up to a 10-year term on Colocation, Bare Metal, Hybrid Cloud, HPC, and Serverless leases.


Seats Open: 2

Everything in our Beta Program is custom order / built to suit your needs. We have the hardware, software, and support for your organization.

Data Center Bandwidth Speed (GB)


System Engineers Available


Current Core Count


DC Locations Across the Globe

What are we offering


We can offer more than just the best price - we can put your hardware within the best data centers in the world without the huge price tag!


We're the best because we've hired the best! Our backend is supported by the #1 High Performance Compute company in the world!

Bare Metal Hardware

Lease our brand new hardware and never have to worry about supporting it! We lease Serverless hardware for less than the big guys.

Hybrid Cloud

We're not AWS - we're better. Use our Hybrid Cloud software and included dashboard tools to monitor and manage your cloud usage! (Included in all contracts.)

Managed Reseller Solutions

Let us do ALL the work for you. Hire us to construct, manage and support your not only your hardware within the top data centers in the world, but support your clients too!!

HPC for Research

Our HPC Supercomputer and HPC-specific software is available to all research organizations across the globe. Regardless of your budget, size, or goal, we can work with you.