Laicos | TradeStops
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TradeStops is an online system which helps you to smartly manage your investment portfolio, un-limiting your gains and limiting your risk, while keeping the thrill of the market.


Responsive Web Design


We worked with TradeStops to do a full revamp of their public-facing website, keeping it in WordPress with a modern responsive design. Laicos conducted in-depth discovery sessions to get a greater understanding of the TradeStops product and help to best communicate the value to customers through their website.

Custom Web Application – Magic Calculator


Part of a TradeStops marketing push was the Magic Calculator tool, one we built from scratch which allows a user to input a stock ticker (with custom auto-complete), use a slider to set an investment amount, and we return a custom set of info detailing the risk you’re taking with that investment amount and stock.


This used custom API interaction with the TradeStops servers, as well as a custom Javascript and HTML/CSS page to display the results in a responsive design.