About Laicos, Inc.

Laicos is a Startup Studio co-founded by Kyle Matthews & Ryan Negri in 2012. Originally founded as an “idea lab”, Laicos has spawned into a “Startup Studio” with a proprietary approach to building software and startups. Laicos has created, acquired, and invested in a variety of exciting companies and intellectual property. Most commonly known for our flagship app, Fuse, we’re also the creators of Compose, FuseAPI, FoodStops, Order to Seat, and, Laicos Cloud.


Laicos Inc. is the parent company & private shell for all of Laicos companies, IP and investments. 

Our Portfolio

Laicos Startup Studio

Laicos Startup Studio turns ideas into products and successful products into their own companies. #CRISP

Laicos Cloud

Laicos Cloud is an infrastructure as a service (IAAS) company serving startups to Fortune 500s, based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Fuse App / Fuse API

Fuse and FuseAPI is a social aggregation API (SAAS) allowing you to combine all available services from across all social platforms from a single data point.

Order to Seat

Order to Seat is the ‘Uber for concessions’ within Stadiums, Arenas, and other venues across the world. In beta, we’ve identified a business model that works, and now partnering with local venues to integrate.

Meet Our Team

Ryan J. Negri

Co-Founder & CEO


Ryan is a 7-time Founder/CEO, an investor, and philanthropist. His background includes; Technology, eCommerce, Accelerators, and Mentorship. He resides in NW Las Vegas with his partner/wife and two dogs.

Yeng Yang

Director of Technology


Yeng is a self-proclaimed “Tech Ninja” specializing in development, architecture, leadership, and management. Formerly the CTO of Laicos, he is now Co-Founder/CTO of his own start-up. Originally from Wisconsin, Yeng and his Family enjoy life in Tampa Florida.

Chris Leyva

Director of UI/UX & Design


Chris loves bringing products to life – often starting from ground zero. He always strives to stay current with trends and principles to create beautiful and intuitive web applications. Design is his passion.

David Berens

Senior Advisor


David was on the founding team at Opendoor, and has been a part of several early stage companies. He has a passion to bring ideas from the whiteboard to the world leveraging his expertise in operations and sales.

We’re always looking for talent, products, and ideas. If you want to share what you’re working on, or want to get involved in what we’re working on, send us a note.