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We are a

Startup Studio

We Build Startups!

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Laicos M2E Studio


for Mid to Enterprise Companies

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What is a Startup Studio

A “Startup Studio” is a structure whose aim is to repeatedly build products into companies. Thanks to our unique infrastructure and shared resources, the Laicos startup studio optimizes the creation and growth of a product, which increases its chance of success.

Our Unique Startup Studio Model


Create, Revive, Incubate, Sprint & Procure

Create (Build)

Ideas, either internal or external, are developed into products which we help scale to a joint goal and then it’s spun out as it’s own company. These companies are wholly owned (100%-Laicos Owned) subsidiaries of Laicos, sharing all resources in The Laicos Network.

Revive (Help)

So many great products, companies, startups, or ideas fail simply due to a lack of funding & support. Sometimes it just wasn’t their time. Through our flexible and creative resources, sometimes we are able to revive these companies and help them to once again prosper. Some products and companies we'd be interested in reviving are; Path, Google Reader, CloudSnap, and a few others.

Incubate (Support)

The best idea is never our own, we understand that. So, we’ve created an incubator within our studio that works hands-on with early-early-stage entrepreneurs and their early-stage ideas. Again, with the shared resources of The Laicos Network, these ideas quickly get built into prototypes to test their viability and we collectively decide whether to nix, Sprint, or spin out the product as it's own company.

Sprint (Accelerate)

Sprint is Laicos’ Accelerator. Utilizing the shared resources of the Studio, in addition to up to $1M in startup capital, early-stage companies are given the necessary time needed to reach profitability. The program runs year round and is limited to 12 companies per year. Founders are urged to apply as soon as applications open, as the program is first come, first served and based on available resources.

Procure (Purchase)

We love adding great families to our family, so, Laicos plans to acquire young companies to add to The Laicos Network and collective ecosystem of applications. We’re always looking for great founders and products, so if you know of one, or are one, reach out. We buy companies for cash, stock, cloud credit, equity, or another way that helps the founder succeed.