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Some of Our Work

Driven by the same goals and mission found within Brad Feld’s Startup Communities, is a community website which provides curated content distilled from local founders and entrepreneurs. It features a directory of Tampa Bay entrepreneurs and companies, a calendar of meetups in the area, and a map displaying local tech companies. This is a true community site filled with valuable resources available to founders and startups and information on how to get involved. The purpose of Tampa Bay Tech is to unite the local tech community and garner the attention it needs so the rest of the community can learn about, support or get involved.


Some of the reasons behind


  • To inform the entire community about technology in TB
  • To unite all of the companies and individuals involved in technology in TB
  • Provide insight into local corporations and the tech companies in their space
  • To curate blogs and articles from local tech leaders in one convenient place
  • To promote local meetups
  • To promote local companies
  • To promote local leadership
  • To give outsiders insight into the rapid growth of Tampa Bay tech companies
  • To give investors a place to learn more about their prospective companies (Due Diligence)

TradeStops is an online system which helps you to smartly manage your investment portfolio, un-limiting your gains and limiting your risk, while keeping the thrill of the market.


Responsive Web Design


We worked with TradeStops to do a full revamp of their public-facing website, keeping it in WordPress with a modern responsive design. Laicos conducted in-depth discovery sessions to get a greater understanding of the TradeStops product and help to best communicate the value to customers through their website.

Custom Web Application – Magic Calculator


Part of a TradeStops marketing push was the Magic Calculator tool, one we built from scratch which allows a user to input a stock ticker (with custom auto-complete), use a slider to set an investment amount, and we return a custom set of info detailing the risk you’re taking with that investment amount and stock.


This used custom API interaction with the TradeStops servers, as well as a custom Javascript and HTML/CSS page to display the results in a responsive design.

IBHS, or the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, is a very cool non-profit who focuses on structural integrity. In their South Carolina research facility, they build homes filled with sensors, then simulate natural disasters (fire, hurricane, hail, etc) and observe and record where the safety concerns are in the structures. One of their aims is to spread their FORTIFIED certification so homeowners and commercial property owners can strengthen structures, mitigating risk and overall increasing safety.

Discovery / Consulting


Initially, our connection with IBHS was over building a new website – which was to be a simple project. As we delved more into the project, we realized there was a need for more clarified organization and better definition of internal workings. Questions like “what is the focus of the site?” or “what are the post categories you use?” couldn’t be answered, and Laicos began an in-depth discovery process.


Our discovery process varies on a case by case basis, but IBHS’ rapid growth the last 5 or 6 years necessitated a deep review of processes. Over 2 months we interviewed employees on internal organization, frustrating bottlenecks they noted in their technology stack, and improvements desired. We developed a 3 phase plan to address these issues and began building.

Custom Web Design


Our first stage with IBHS was to re-create the public-facing website. We built a custom theme in WordPress designed from scratch, using responsive design.


Their site over the years had accumulated thousands of posts, many repeated or with outdated material. A full content audit was created, and the post library was condensed from over 3000 to less than 200. Old posts were archived.


Custom Web Application


Various custom widgets were created to manage specific needs of IBHS, such as an internal tool to handle a .csv upload and automatically update an online database (this widget alone took 6 hours of work off a staff member’s plate weekly!). A custom tool was also built for the IBHS homepage to allow a user to input their zip code and see a list of natural disaster risks in their area.

Custom Web Application – Member Portal


Members of IBHS require a separate portal to access various resources, which we custom-built. Members were managed through Salesforce, and we built a custom interface to auto-magically sync the Salesforce and WordPress user databases. When users are logged in, they see a Members menu item which directs to a custom web application allowing users to browse a collection of resources, and download if they desire.

Mobile Development and Design


The IBHS team had an old app designed for the HP Ipaq, which they actually had a collection of Ipaqs running. We were tasked with converting this app and updating it’s feature set to both Android and iOS.


The app allows for users to move through a form in an easy-to-use manner, answering questions about a structure after a disaster. We built the system to allow for a variety of forms to be added, and with logic built in to tailor the question flow based on the user’s answers. A cloud-based custom API syncs the data both locally on the phone and in the cloud, and a web-based admin allows permitted users to manage the data from a browser.

They Needed An App…We Delivered


When our friends over at Bayshore Solutions asked us to handle the mobile app development for the social network site they created for the TalentedHuman team, we jumped at the chance. Social media apps and mobile development are in our wheelhouse.

Laicos is a startup studio that specializes in creating products and launching those products into successful companies. As much as we love developing our own projects, we’re into building for clients just as much. When we come across interesting projects like TalentedHuman, we see it as an opportunity to flex our creative muscles and develop thoughtful solutions.


How We Work


After our initial consultation, our team got straight to work collaborating on feature discovery. It was then that we were able to estimate that it would take us about 10-12 weeks to produce the finished product. Laicos uses agile methodologies and scrum to keep everything organized and on-track. We broke up the project into five two-week sprints, each with specific deliverables so the client could watch as the app came together before their eyes.

Tampa Bay Coffee Company is a new drive-through-coffee concept opening in Tampa in early 2016.


Branding and Web


We created a full branding and web design for TBCC, incorporating the Tampa skyline with a motion sweep, and bold red styling and color for the text.


A full responsive website was created in WordPress, built from scratch in-house. WordPress is great for front-end websites, as it gives the client ease of updating content, adding pages, and extending the site’s functionality with the vast ecosystem of plugins and developers.


Custom Web Application; Digital Menu


One of the unique pieces of the Tampa Bay Coffee Company concept is their digital menu system. In place of the traditional printed menu board, TBCC locations will have a large screen with an interactive menu.


We built this digital menu with Sails.js, which is an MVC framework for Node.js. TBCC admins are able to edit the menu extensibly, and push the changes live in real time to all locations with the menu loaded. As an added feature, we built a social scraper and menu system which allows Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook mentions of a customizable hashtag or profile to be displayed on the menu. This is also able to be adjusted at any time via a web interface, and pushed live to all locations.