Tampa Bay Coffee Company

Tampa Bay Coffee Company is a new drive-through coffee concept opening in Tampa in early 2016.

Branding and Web

We created a full branding and web design for TBCC, incorporating the Tampa skyline with a motion sweep, and bold red styling and color for the text.

A full responsive website was created in WordPress, built from scratch in-house. WordPress is great for front-end websites, as it gives the client ease of updating content, adding pages, and extending the site’s functionality with the vast ecosystem of plugins and developers.

Custom Web Application; Digital Menu

One of the unique pieces of the Tampa Bay Coffee Company concept is their digital menu system. In place of the traditional printed menu board, TBCC locations will have a large screen with an interactive menu.

We built this digital menu with Sails.js, which is an MVC framework for Node.js. TBCC admins are able to edit the menu extensibly, and push the changes live in real time to all locations with the menu loaded. As an added feature, we built a social scraper and menu system which allows Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook mentions of a customizable hashtag or profile to be displayed on the menu. This is also able to be adjusted at any time via a web interface, and pushed live to all locations.