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Laicos Cloud

What is Laicos Cloud

Laicos Cloud is an infrastructure or IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service) Company focused on providing Colocation, Bare Metal Hardware, Hybrid Cloud, High-Performance Compute, and Storage to Fortune 500s, and Enterprise companies, but most importantly, under-optimized startups and small businesses across the country. Laicos Cloud is a subsidiary of Laicos, Inc.

What Do We Do

We provide companies of all size with a variety of data center, infrastructure, and cloud products and services backed by a world-class back-end comprised of over two thousand system engineers and customer support professionals. You’re in bigger hands.

What Do We Sell

We don’t sell anything, we rent it. We lease hosted Co-Location or Bare-Metal Hardware (ie, Blank space or Servers) fully-managed (“serverless”) by a team of experienced engineers available 24/7/365. We also offer award-winning HPC and Hybrid Cloud solutions for those needing multi-cloud (AWS, GCP, DB, Azure, Oracle, Rackspace & Laicos Cloud) environments.

Who do we Service

We’re super-passionate about Startups and Small Businesses and will do whatever it takes to support them, but we don’t stop there. We can service and support clients of any size. If you’re in need of Colocation, Bare Metal Hardware, Storage, Hybrid Cloud or HPC software, and you’re tired of overpaying or you can’t pay a lot, you’ve come to the right place.

Other Questions?