Today we made the new public.

I/we used to make a bigger deal of “launching” something, or “shipping” something new, but the truth is, it’s not that big of a deal. The bigger deal is what we plan to do with Laicos, our Startup Studio which we founded in 2012 and now Laicos Cloud, our infrastructure startup we spun out in May.

First, let’s talk about #CRISP, since that’s a huge change in our theme. Crisp stands for Create, Revive, Incubate, Sprint, and Procure. This is our new startup studio model which showcases how we work with various ideas, technologies, and companies. We can’t do all of this at once, so we’re rolling it out methodically. We’ve been creators or technologies, mentors & advisors to startups, director of an accelerator, and now, we’ll also be able to accelerate (“Sprint”) and “revive” tech products and companies too! I’m really excited.

Second, you may have seen that we’ve spun out a new company, Laicos Cloud, which is our infrastructure company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Laicos Cloud offers affordable and budgetable Co-location, Cloud, HPC and Storage to startups and small businesses. Because we (Laicos) own Laicos Cloud, all Laicos CRISP companies have exclusive access (& pricing) to all Laicos Cloud resources! This is big.

Third, this site isn’t complete – it’s a work in progress which we’ll continue to add to/subtract from as we build our foundational pieces. We designed this site to be simple, user-friendly, informational, and I thought it looked pretty clean – as always, feedback is welcomed.

Finally, thank you – to our followers, friends, fans, and customers. There’d be no reason for any of this if it wasn’t for you.

Thanks for reading.