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Laicos SaaS

SAASwS = Software as a Service w/ Service

What software do you offer?

Right now, we’re reselling cloud-based accounting software by Xero. Xero is the best accounting software in the world and it should be bundled with every financial software or hardware product out there. That’s where Laicos comes in. We resell Xero to large organizations that give, sell, or bundle Xero with their existing product(s).

Why buy from you?

Most software you can’t buy in bulk anywhere else! We also provide white glove customer service that large software companies can’t. We help you manage the distribution of the software, activations, deactivations, and billing. Want to pay annually? Quarterly? In advance? We offer flexible payment terms and methods!

Who do you serve?

We serve North American small businesses through large organizations, such as banks, collectives, financial software companies – any company that touches 10K or more SMBs. If you work for one of these organizations and you’d like to offer Xero to your clients, get in touch.

What is your mission?

At Laicos, we do everything for the small business owner and their teams. If we can help just one company be successful, we will have done our job. We know how important good software is, and, how vital good financials are. We will only offer the best software to our partners to serve their SMBs.

We’re always here to help.

Other Questions?